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Tom 's writing has captivated readers for years with his story-telling.  His characters are riveting, intricately woven together and keep the reader turning the pages. Each book is dynamic and will hook you from the start

The Hung Jury.gif
The Hung Jury

In the mid-seventies Roderick Constance, much like many college freshmen out on their own in a world without parental constraints for the first time, late second semester was a time of disappointment and turmoil with the direction of how his life was headed. His academic and social failures were always someone else’s fault, his trouble with the law a matter of a conspiracy of misunderstanding his right to do as he pleased without consequence. The primary difference between this 19-year-old’s self-absorption and most others was that he carried out his savage revenge without regard to humanity and what was known in those days as common decency. He methodically murdered people who got in his way and those who were only pursuing their lives in an honest, purposeful way. In 2011 retired police officer Morgan Cooper reveals the recurring nightmare and lingering memories that haunted him for the last 35 years, surrounding a routine shoplifting misdemeanor case in which he had been the arresting officer. The mystery unfolds and details unravel in a terrifying look into the darkest recesses in the mind of a young man without a soul

Long Winter's Night Cover.gif
A Long Winter's Night

Intrigue and mystery surrounding a man without his memory. His reality is two conflicting spirits who alternately provide pathways to his past, from a life-changing event as a child to his present dilemma, allowing him to process and evaluate circumstances shaping his personality and answering the innermost, imponderable gut-wrenching questions we all face.

Great American Novel Cover.gif
The Great American Novel

Tom Webster sets out to write his life story. Though he has a loving and devoted wife in Molly, she tended to be the voice of reason in their relationship. His passion about writing The Great American Novel was perplexing to her, and anything but reasonable. She grudgingly supported the research, the time pecking at the keyboard, and the relentless nature of his desires to find answers. But she always knew what he was really looking for was redemption. He supposed that is why she endured it. Their tale is a deeply romantic story without being terribly deep or romantic. While Tom and Molly dig to find answers, family ties, mysterious deaths, and puzzling connections are revealed. Tom and Molly meet many unassuming characters who inevitably change their lives forever. And so the story goes .more irony, more good fortune, more love story, and yes, finally redemption

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